Everyone has experienced the periods of depression and loss of motivation in life. Here are 5 things you need to remember to overcome your demotivational feeling and get balanced for yourself.

1. The most important thing you should remember to overcome the demotivational feeling is that ” Love is great, but it’s also more trivial than people thought.”

There will be one day you feel extremely excited with a friend of the opposite sex in class. You want to go all the way home with him or her after school. You want to give him or her a present. You want to hold his or her hand. And then the time passes, you will break up again. This is the so-called “love“.

However, true love needs to be formed from sacrifice, understanding and mutual help in life. And love will finally be calm in your happiness.

At the age of twenty, if you are not able to bear any responsibility and can not bring happiness to anyone, well then, don’t do things “beyond the limit”. For everyone is not good at all.

demotivational feeling
Don’t go beyond the limit of the love if you can’t bear the responsibility.

2. To overcome the demotivational feeling, you should look directly at the injustices in life.

Our society is full of competition and injustice. But we don’t need to be too attached to these things. Trying to improve ourselves is real.

Yur car is not “quality” like the neighbor’s. You don’t have to feel ashamed because of this. Because our parents buy this car with sweat and their own labor, so nothing has to ‘lose face’.

As for your car is more reliable the neighbor’s, you don’t have any rights to be proud of it. Because this car has almost no relationship with you. You have never given anything to it.

If you are in an unfavorable situation, blaming your life all day injustice, then it will erode your will. It makes you to be sad, and suffer more from injustice.

As if you had some advantage and braged all day long, that would obscure your vision. I’m afraid that one day, you will fall into the kind of person you looked down on before.

3. Be yourself under any circumstances.

In any case, you mustn’t abandon yourself , whether mentally or physically. You need to be consistent with your correct moral principles. Remember never commit to bad habits, such as alcohol, tobacco, drugs and dysphoria.

Be yourself under any circumstances.

For girls, this is even more important, because the girls themselves are in a rather vulnerable position. A lustful time often costs a lifetime’s misfortune.

4. If you go bankrupt and has the demovational feeling, remember that ” money is important, but there are things that are much more important than money.

Money is also inherently important in this life. However, a gentleman attaches great importance to wealth, but the wealth must be in accordance with morality.

there are things that are much more important than money.

The ways through theft and deception to get money, you absolutely do not apply, even once.

5. Everything must be based on ourselves.

“If you lean on the mountain, the mountain will collapse. If you lean on other people, they will run away”. Only you are the one who is most worthy to rely on.

There are very few colleagues who will truly help you. Your parents will grow old and cannot accompany you for a lifetime. Then, you will have your own family and a lot of your problems. . Even your own children, sooner or later will leave you and go into their career.

So, you need to have your own passion, a healthy body to enjoy yourself until the end of your life.

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