Habits are actions that are performed frequently without the influence of consciousness. So it is often difficult to change our longstanding habits. However, it is not really impossible. We can change the habits by daily practice, or you can also hypnotize yourself, one of the methods tapping into the subconscious mind. These habits are formed because they have been saved subconsciously. As you know, the subconscious makes up 88% of the brain’s potential.

Your subconscious decides your habits

For example, if you are trying to lose weight, but most of the day you have some snacks before bed. Your awareness clearly understands that this habit goes against your goals. But the subconscious acts the opposite. It allows you to do what makes you feel comfortable and satisfied.

Your subconscious decides your habits

To change an unhealthy habit, we first need to subconsciously build positive thoughts, attaching them to new behaviors. There are many ways you can achieve this goal, including methods like visualization, hypnosis, or self-assertions. Among them, hypnosis is an effective method that is becoming increasingly popular.

The myth about hypnosis

Many people may think that hypnosis is dangerous and even makes people lose their mind. However, it seems that they are misunderstanding it. In fact, all of us have experienced hypnosis several times in our life. Do you ever remember an old friend and some beautiful memories when you stumbled upon a letter or gift from that person? Have you ever burst into tears while watching a movie? Have you ever fallen deeply in love with someone? If you have been through such things and emotions, you have been hypnotized.

Often, people seek hypnosis for self-development such as becoming more confident, improving concentration, quitting a habit, improving health, losing weight, relieving stress, etc. Whatever the purpose, hypnosis is a very effective tool for high-level reprogramming of the subconscious. Here are 5 things you should know before you hypnotize yourself.

1. You can still control yourself

Many TV shows or movies make you think that hypnosis will make you lose your mind completely and act under the control of others. But what you see is only for entertaining. In fact, you still have control over yourself, and still have the right to decline the hypnotist’s commands or suggestions.

hypnotize yourself

2. The effects of hypnosis remain a mystery

The strength of hypnosis is that it is safe, effective, and works more quickly than other therapies. However, hypnosis is not a miracle that works overnight. It takes 21 days to form a new habit, and if you hypnotize yourself, it needs 3-6 times a week for the best effect.

3. Anyone can be hypnotized

Hypnosis is a state of consciousness with subject acceptance. You cannot be hypnotized if your will is against it, but you need cooperation with your hypnotherapist. Most hypnosis failures are caused by a lack of connection with the hypnotherapist, or from working with a non-professional. So always check your medical practice and the hypnotherapist’s knowledge of the therapies you will be working with. Besides, choose to work with people who make you feel more confident or connected.

4. Hypnosis is not a lullaby

Hypnosis takes you to a high level of consciousness, where the body is relaxed and rested, while the mind is completely alert. In a few cases, the person who is hypnotized may fall asleep, but that is not the purpose of this therapy. The hypnotist needs to maintain the subject’s relaxed but alert state. Even though the mind is in a suspended state, you can hear everything during the hypnosis process.

You can hypnotize yourself
You can hypnotize yourself

5. Hypnotists are not doctors

Hypnosis does not replace traditional medical treatment. Instead, it is a self-evolving tool to accelerate the healing process. Each hypnotherapist has expertise in human development and behavioral control in general. They are not licensed for treatment, diagnosis, and prescription.

Hopefully the above has helped you be clear about hypnosis and its effects. In addition, there are many other subconscious-altering methods you can try if you don’t want to hypnotize yourself. Download our RESUMIND app to explore what you can do with your full brain potential.

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