There is a lot of evidence showing that the human subconscious is always active. It means that it works 24/7, even when we sleep.

When we sleep, our body just temporarily falls into a state of unconsciousness and relaxation, which does not mean the brain stops working. The conscious part may temporarily “sleep” but the subconscious does not. In this post, I’ll show you 5 signs to prove that your subconscious is always active.

1. Dream

Most people and even animals often have dreams. This is often contributed by the subconscious – the only thing that stays awake when we sleep. In general, the subconscious is still active to make dreams happen to you while you sleep.

We spend about 8 hours or 1/3 of our time sleeping, about 6 years of our life dreaming, equivalent to 2,190 days or 52,560 hours. Some dreams that we can remember every little detail, but we just have a dreamy feeling or don’t remember anything in others.

The interesting thing about dreams that you may not know is the variety of dreams. Some dreams allow you to do activities such as talking, playing sports, maybe saving the world, etc. Others only allow you to be an observer. It means that you just stand and watch other activities.

The subconscious affects all these dreams based on the information you have received. When you sleep, the subconscious mind will replay it in your dream. In fact, thinking a lot about certain information can create your dreams of it.

2. Breath

The breath also demonstrates the 24/7 working of the subconscious mind. When you sleep or you are awake, the subconscious keeps your breathing steady.

Sometimes, when you have trouble breathing, it means your subconscious is having a problem. For example, when you feel nervous, your subconscious mind produces catalysts that cause your heart rate to rise. It leads to a break in your breathing.

3. Metabolism

Have you ever wondered that every time you sleep, why all the organs still operate? The subconscious is the only reason for this.

Metabolism takes place under the control of the subconscious
Metabolism takes place under the control of the subconscious

As we know, the metabolism between organs is always going on. The organs inside the body absorb nutrients and perform the metabolism process to maintain energy and life for the body. This process takes place under the control of the brain, especially the subconscious.

If you want your metabolism to run smoothly following its nature, you need to control your subconscious mind on a positive level. For example, when you feel stressed and negative, your metabolism gets into trouble leading to the damage of some organs. When you are stressed, you will feel an upset stomach.

4. Sleepwalk

Sleepwalk is also one of the signs proving that your subconscious is always active. Sleepwalk is a condition in which your body moves unconsciously while you are sleeping. After waking up, you have no memory of yourself sleepwalk.

The reasons for sleepwalking: anxiety, fatigue, insomnia, night panic, sleeplessness, fever, chronic illness, magnesium deficiency, the use of certain psychiatric drugs. They are possible causes of sleepwalking.

If you want to overcome sleepwalking, you need to reprogram your subconscious in a positive direction.

5. Actions, attitudes, and habits

We often refer to the conscious mind than the subconscious mind, but we don’t know the subconscious mind accounts for 95% of human behaviors, attitudes, and habits. The subconscious mind is the storage of your memories, experiences from childhood until now.

It can be formed by consciously repeated actions, called the habit. We can fully make conscious decisions to the mindset of the subconscious mind. In conclusion, the subconscious mind is always active regardless of whether we are awake or sleep.

When is the subconscious mind most active?

There are 5 stages of brainwaves:

People with very high levels of gamma activity are exceptionally intelligent, compassionate, happy, and have excellent memories and strong self-control. IQ scores of people with high gamma wave activity are correspondingly high. In conclusion, when your brainwaves are at gamma frequency, your subconscious is the most active.

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