Gaining weight is never easy, which can fail for several reasons. It’s not the matter of obtaining some additional pounds but how they positively think to heal their relationship between food and their body. Sometimes the process is counterproductive that can lead to disordered digesting and increased risk of mortality and cardiovascular diseases. Fortunately, this hard task has solution – positive weight gain affirmations. As everything starts from the mind itself, why don’t you use some motivational quotes to assert yourself to gain weight and achieve long-term goals? Here are a handful of daily affirmations that can keep you inspired and redirect negative thoughts.

Daily Weight Gain Affirmations
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Affirmations to Positive Self-talk: Why is it Good for You?

Self-talk is your internal dialogue influenced by your subconscious mind which shows your thoughts, beliefs, questions, and ideas. It can be both negative and positive, sometimes encouraging or distressing, mostly depends on your characteristics. Your self-talk would be hopeful and positive if you’re an optimist, otherwise, it would be the opposite.

Affirmations are to create positive and motivational inner dialogue to enhance your mental health so that you become more confident and optimistic to get a better quality of life. With affirmations, you will be able to perform well and get general well-being. From that, you will be motivated to act and achieve your target in weight as well as other works.

Specifically, positive self-talk and a more optimistic outlook can have other health benefits, including:

  • increased vitality
  • greater life satisfaction
  • improved immune function
  • reduced pain
  • better cardiovascular health
  • better physical well-being
  • reduced risk for death
  • less stress and distress

Research shows that those who use positive self-talk may have mental skills that help them to solve issues, think differently, and cope with difficulties or obstacles more effectively. This can help to mitigate the negative consequences of stress and anxiety.

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40 Daily Affirmations For Weight Gain

  1. I can gain weight!
  2. I will remain fit!
  3. I just have to eat healthy food!
  4. I will nourish my body!
  5. My body makes me feel confident and sexy.
  6. I am so happy and grateful for my perfect body.
  7. I love and respect myself.
  8. I love being healthy!
  9. I will follow the diet!
  10. I am ready to experience a new me!
  11. I will not take a step back!
  12. I believe that I can gain weight!
  13. I have the right to manage my diet system!
  14. I have the keys to gain weight!
  15. I deserve and accept perfect health now.
  16. My mind is positive and focused on gaining weight.
  17. I love life, I love my body and I feel fantastic.
  18. I have enough patience to gain weight! 
  19. I am no longer skinny!
  20. I eat all of my food!
  21. I have a huge appetite!
  22. I feel pleasure in gaining weight!
  23. Muscles are coming to me!
  24. I will not escape my workout!
  25. I nourish my body with healthy foods.I love and accept my body.
  26. I am willing to make positive changes in my diet.
  27. I am getting closer to reaching my ideal weight.
  28. It is not at all hard for me to increase my weight!
  29. I am becoming the person I always wanted to be!
  30. I am eating to support my body!
  31. I enjoy the exercise! 
  32. I have a monster appetite!
  33. I do accept my body in every condition!
  34. I accept the body of my dreams now.
  35. I am honest and open with myself about my weight gain journey.
  36. I am capable of gaining my ideal weight!
  37. Age is only a digit, I can and I will gain weight!
  38. I like my body!
  39. I will love my body after gaining weight!
  40. I am not giving up on my objective of remaining fit!
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