All phenomena that happen in life coming from ourselves. In other words, each of us can be the cause of a certain result. Even natural disasters are attributed to the over-impact of humans on nature. However, we can all make external problems disappear naturally by changing our inner subconscious mind. Let’s see 4 subconscious spells as the following that can make your life better.

Ho’Oponopono is a special treatment of the ancient Hawaiians. It helps us heal from within by going deep into our subconscious. This method says that all the bad things that happen to you come from yourself. That means you are fully responsible for them because something happening inside of you has attracted them. The treatment brings 4 powerful subconscious spells for the human to eliminate negative external problems.

“Thank you”

People who have learned about the Law of Gravitation all know that gratitude has a great energy to help attract good things to them. The more grateful you are, the happier and more fortunate you are.

Gratitude is an important lesson for souls in spiritual development. The universe usually creates many events that will make you realize this lesson sooner or later. However, even if we learn that lesson, we all understand that being grateful for life can be difficult. When we experience terrible experiences such as rejection of feelings, debt, or illness, we dismiss the gratitude lesson and not say “Thank you” anymore.

If we use the subconscious spell of “Thank you” every time to everyone, we will make our life greater:

  • Help you to appreciate what you have
  • Remind you of lessons of gratitude
  • Help you to thank the memories that are coming back so we have a chance to purify them.


When we say “Sorry”, we realize that there is something inside our mind that is disturbing. We are responsible for what we do, no matter what we remember.

In fact, it is very difficult to remember what we made a mistake when we were 5 years old. The simplest thing is to apologize. However, we sometimes want to deny and blame the responsibility of our happiness on others. And it will make us suffer the penitence if not recognize the mistakes.

What we have “sown” in the past, even if just a thought that arises in one second, will be stored in the subconscious mind. We are responsible for all of this because memories need to be freed. Thus, let’s learn the sorry lesson.

“Forgive me”

“Forgive me” is a request to make us aware of total responsibility for our lives. That means we have to know how we made mistakes with our thoughts, feelings, and actions.

“Please forgive me for creating this person, problem, and situation.” The universe just needs you to be aware of your work and do it well. Other things let the universe worry. Forgive yourself for the peace of mind, not for anyone else.

“I love you”

One of the most powerful subconscious spells is “I love you”. We are taught to love people, even to sacrifice for others, but self-love is forgotten. How can we love someone fully if we are don’t love ourselves? To say “I love you”, you have to start with “I and Me”. Self-love is the key to learn how to love others.

Understand yourself, love yourself and change the world. That is also the basis of the Ho’oponopono method. Every time we say “I love you” is also the time when love comes from me and spreads outside. Thanks to that, we stop expecting to change the things we dislike about ourselves and the things we are unsatisfied with everything around us.

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App resumind reminds subconscious spells
App resumind reminds subconscious spells

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