There are children who go to school for 2-3 weeks, even a month still crying to ask for leave. There are also children who only need 1-2 days to get used to going to school. What are the reasons that they have no motivation to go to the kindergarten.

Is there any secrets here? Psychological preparation for children to go to school is an art. Parents must be really skillful to help their children integrate into their new environment.

Here are the four reasons that your kids have no motivation to go to school.

1. Because of the erratic activities, small kids often have no motivation to go to the kindergarten.

At home, many children have erratic lifestyles, eating inappropriately. They are often eager to stay up late. Therefore, in the morning, they lack ofsleep, be sluggish and unready. Moreover, there are also many children at home who do not nap.

Having not enough sleep is the main reason that children have no motivation to go to the kindergarten.

2. Being loneliness among many people is one of the reasons lead to children’s having no motivation to go to the kindergarten.

There are many children who go to kindergarten happily. But when they go to first grade their new school, they will feel lonely, abandoned and insecure.

The family should find ways to comfort the baby. Bring your child’s favorite toy to class. That will make them feel more secure.

3. Children have no motivation to go to school because of their sickness.

Many children, when going to school, often suffer from diseases. Parents need to find out the cause. Maybe because babies cry a lot, get angry so they get heat. Moreover, all day at school, they just drink a little water. They eat with their friends, so they swallow too quickly, leading to undigested food, causing stomach pain.

Children don’t want to go to the kindergarten because of their sickness.

In these cases, in the morning before going to school, parents should give the child plenty of water and tell the child if he is thirsty, ask the teacher for water. Or when eating, remember to eat a lot of soup, or buy a water bottle for the child to bring. If the baby can eat well, parents should ask the teacher to pay attention not to let the baby eat too much and quickly.

4. Being teased by their friends made the kids hate school.

First of all, parents should teach their children how to deal with themselves, teach their children if their friends want to play with them, they have to try to negotiate. If that kid doesn’t agree, don’t fight with his friends.

Being teased by friends makes children lose motivation to go to school.

In addition, when parents see their kids hit their friends, they have to stop it and let the babies know it is an improper behavior. After a certain amount of time, your babies will gradually learn how to communicate with their friends.

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