It is easy to hypnotize someone if they want because after all hypnosis methods are self-hypnosis. In opposition to popular misconception, hypnosis is not the ability to control some mystical powers. To hypnotize successfully, both hypnotized person and hypnotist must follow 4 professional techniques as follows:

  1. Find a professional hypnotist
  2. Lead into the state of hypnosis
  3. Hypnotize to solve other problems
  4. End of hypnosis

Hypnosis is a process of bypassing the conscious thought functions of the mind and establishing a selective form of sensory perception. In general, it allows direct access to the subconscious mind, where contains our learned experience and knowledge system.

If you want to hypnotize someone in the right way, jut follow 4 professional techniques

Find a professional hypnotist

The most important thing to hypnotize successfully is finding a professional. I recommend that you should go meet a psychiatrist or someone who has many year-experiences in hypnosis – a reputable hypnotist. Besides, the object of the hypnosis should be the people who want to reprogram the subconscious mind and don’t have a history of neuropathy. If not, it will be very dangerous for them.

The next thing is that you should choose hypnosis space as a quiet, cool and comfortable place. You should also turn off the phone ringer, close the window to avoid noise pollution. Finally, it is necessary to discuss the purpose of hypnosis between the two.

In general, 3 misconceptions hypnotized person often believe that I need to correct:

  • You are not in a sleep state or unconscious because you still can hear the hypnotist’s voice
  • No one control or enchant you
  • You will not do anything if you don’t want to do

Lead into the state of hypnosis

You need to follow these hypnosis steps seriously:

  1. Speak in a gentle and slow voice. Extend the sentence a little more than usual. Imagine trying to reassure someone scared. So, you can take your voice like that.
  2. Require your partner to focus on breathing deeply and evenly. You must instruct him by modeling and asking him to imitate your breathing.
  3. Require your partner to focus on a fixed point. Look directly at the hypnotist’s forehead if you are standing in front of him. Or ask the customer to look at something like a watch or a pendulum.
  4. Stretch the body. Although you have a lot to say, the final goal is to make the hypnotized person gradually immersed in his own thoughts.
  5. Require your partner to walk down thehypnotic stairs“. This is a difficult technique but also extremely effective. The purpose of it is to make the hypnotized person go deeper into the subconscious mind.

This is the main period for a person to enter the process of hypnosis.

Hypnotize to solve other problems

Hypnosis has many benefits, especially in subconscious reprogramming. We rarely reach the subconscious mind because it is unconscious and uncontrollable. This part is formed by repetition. Therefore, hypnotizing is a direct way to talk to the subconscious. Moreover, hypnosis also helps people to reduce stress, improve mental perception, restore or remove memories, etc.

You should know that it is very difficult to ask others to do what you want when they are under hypnosis, even it is also a misuse of trust.

End of hypnosis

You should not suddenly shock him out of their hypnotized state, but help him gradually become more aware of the world around him. Let him know he will fully recover his consciousness and return to reality after you count to five. If you feel that he is in too deep a hypnosis, then guide him to up the “stairs”, slowly regain awareness after each step.

After that, both sides should discuss the process of hypnotizing so as to improve in the next times.

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Thank you for your reading! Hope you have a nice day!


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