There are many opinions that the unconscious mind is like subconscious and conscious. Thus, they easily fall into a state of unconscious mind, which means losing control of their own actions, words, and thoughts step by step. So, the following article will help you distinguish conscious and unconscious in order to control your unconscious mind in work and life.

What is the difference between conscious mind and unconscious mind?

Conscious mind is all what you see, perceive and pay attention to, making you easily know what you think in your head. For example, you only focus on a woman’s smile in a photo with a lot of objects around her.

On the contrary, unconscious mind absorbs all the information coming from your senses without concentration at all. It includes all images, sounds, feelings, touch… without the attention or division. For example, you look at a picture but there is no division or attention to a particular point. Or maybe you get information from TV unconsciously without selection. Sometimes, your unconscious identifies all past events and memories but it is hard to reach and recall in the present. This is the big difference between unconscious mind and subconscious mind.

The best tips for controlling your unconscious mind

Practice highly observing and concentrating

To be able to change the unconscious problems, you need to observe everything that happens in your life including actions, thoughts and habits at all times. From there, you will have insight into all things you are doing and how it affects you. When you have such observation without conscious judgment, you will have a completely different experience from before. The important thing is to keep continuously observing because when you are disturbed, you will fall into it and don’t see anything else.

The unconscious mind requires high discipline, so you need to observe continuously from waking up to sleeping. If you do this, you will understand and change your life better. Furthermore, wonderful things may happen to you and you will be in a state of meditation 24/24.

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Sleep well

Getting enough sleep is also one of the keys to control the unconscious mind. In order to mobilize all your senses under control, you must have a clear brain by ensuring enough sleep.

A quality sleep lasts 8 hours per day which must be a night of deep, uninterrupted sleep and make you feel comfortable when you wake up. Getting enough sleep not only helps your sight be promoted 100% but also create good conditions for selectively absorbing information.


Besides getting enough sleep, you should use methods to help yourself relax. One of the most effective in controlling your unconscious mind is meditation. Meditation makes your mind more at ease, moreover, prevent negative emotions from affecting your thoughts. In this way, you will minimize the confusion of information in your mind as well as increase your concentration as much as possible.

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