True love is an unconditional emotion of love, appreciation, and self-acceptance. What does unconditionally mean? That is, no matter what you do, you must love yourself equally. But how? How do you “achieve” that? 4 following affirmations for self-love have helped me a lot and cheer me up everyday.

1. One of the 4 affirmations for self-love is listening to your inner voice.

The first thing we need to do is realize how we are dealing with ourselves. We always converse with ourselves mentally but are hardly aware of that voice.

So the first step is to listen to the inner voice. Listen attentively. Notice what we often say to ourselves, what we say when we achieve our achievements as well as when we fail.

affirmations for self-love: listening to your inner voice.
One of the 4 affirmations for self-love is listening to your inner voice.

Here are a few examples to help you become aware of your inner voice.

When you wake up and look at yourself the mirror

When you are criticized by your boss

Someone treats you badly.

Someone treats other people badly.

When you act in anger.

When you see someone struggling but you keep away instead of helping.

Are you loving and taking care of yourself in all of these situations?

If not, go to step 2.

2. Step 2 among 4 affirmations for self-love is controlling your internal voice.

The things in your mind must have been around for a long time. But you don’t pay attention. Sometimes you may even be surprised to hear your inner voice.

The truth is that it is you who have kept these messages all along. And the more we listen, the more we believe. The negative things we keep to ourselves will gradually turn into our own defaults.

But we can change that, step by step. Now that you are aware of your inner voice, the next time you hear yourself being irritable to yourself, pause, and say “cancel”. This trick is extremely useful. It gives signals to our subconscious to ignore those negative thoughts.

Step 2 among 4 affirmations for self-love is controlling your internal voice
Step 2 among 4 affirmations for self-love is controlling your internal voice.

After canceling, continue to convey signals of encouragement, love, and concern.

I know that at first you will feel like you are lying. You won’t believe those good messages. But that is completely normal. Go on and through the time, you will no longer feel that and eventually you will believe in what you say.

3. Among the 4 affirmations for self-love, treating you like a small child is very important.

People often wonder how to talk to themselves, especially after being so harsh, they don’t know what their voice is. Therefore, to help you change your inner voice, imagine yourself as a child. Let that child lead you to see yourself precisely without looking at all. You will find yourself like a little creature that simply wants to be loved. The moment you picture yourself as a child, those harsh prejudices melt away.

Anyway, there is a child in each of us. In our lives, there will always be needs that we do not disregard. When we are young, we block and push them into the subconscious without even realizing it. Treating ourselves like a child helps to provide for such needs.

4. For self-love, you should love yourself both physically and mentally.

What do you do when you love someone? Think of your parent, sibling, lover, or best friend. Do you give them gifts? Would you invite them to go out for dinner and have a good time together?
Love is not only an emotion but also a verb. Indeed, in love, action is just as important as the feeling. And now is the time to do the things you love. Think about all the things you want to do and do it for yourself.
If you’ve never tried it before, the idea of ​​doing it alone can be a bit intimidating.

But you know what, if you feel that way, that’s a clear sign that you haven’t really loved yourself yet. Because once you try it, you’ll start to enjoy spending time with yourself. And this is the whole point of the practice – to make friends and feel completely happy even when no one is around. We need to stop stealing our own joy and happiness.From now on, allow yourself to do what you enjoy. You don’t have to make sense or build a career. Making time for the things you enjoy is just as important.
Here are some ideas for getting started with a narcissistic “campaign”.
Go to dinner outside
Draw or do any other kinds of art that stimulates the creativity you like.
Write a poem, a book or a diary.
Take a photo.
Visit the museum.
Cook healthy food.

The more you practice loving yourself, the stronger the message “You deserve” becomes.

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