Becoming the person you want begins with how you think about yourself, not exclude weight loss. Yes, I’m saying that developing the right mindset is vital to reach long-term weight goals as well as a permanent fulfilled life. Fortunately, there is a great method to inspire your journey toward your weight goals which is weight loss affirmations. Here I provide you a handful of motivational quotes to defeat your stubborn inner resistance to slim down. As well, as the matter doesn’t stop until you get into action, I’m also introducing you to an excellent practical solution to help you program your mind with positive habits and achieve any targets. 

My Journey

Diet and workout are considered as the key factors toward weight loss, but these two without replacing irrational beliefs will give only temporary results. I met the same matter, and after experiencing one failed attempt after another at weight loss, I discovered the true problems and their solution. Not keeping the success to myself, I’m leading you to the right path. The main culprit in the battle with weight actually lies in one’s thinking and habits, which requires one to work on their self-esteem, self-acceptance, and happiness under their own skin.

What I realized from my researched and practical NLP techniques at that time is that the subconscious mind is the core factor to reframe negative self-talk, which is developed since we were young.  

Someone who takes on an identity, rather than trying to resist a behavior, has more success. Have you ever tried talking to yourself as if you were an athlete, then you will push harder to the gym? You would also eat better to fuel performance. On the other hand, if you say “I’m trying to” then the result would never be better than “opt for Netflix and popcorn instead of head to the gym”.

The way you think is affected by your subconscious mind. Thus, motivational weight loss affirmations would help you much, which send positive messages to your subconscious mind so that you will reprogram your mind and behave in a nicer way towards yourself.

Now your mission is to fulfill your mind with these positive weight loss affirmations.

30 Ultimate Weight Loss Affirmation to Burn that Fat

  1. Losing weight is natural for me.
  2. I am joyfully achieving my weight loss goals.
  3. I am losing weight every single day.
  4. I allow my journey to be unique to me.
  5. Maintaining my ideal weight is easy.
  6. I eat well, listen well, and live well.
  7. I believe in my ability to truly love myself for who I am.
  8. I accept my body shape and acknowledge the beauty it holds.
  9. I am the creator of my future and driver of my mind.
  10. I love exercising regularly.
  11. I am eating foods contributing to my wellbeing.
  12. I eat only when I feel hungry.
  13. My life is more interesting than my next meal.
  14. Unhealthy foods don’t appeal to me. My body craves healthy, whole, real food!
  15. I pause and evaluate before I give into cravings.
  16. I now certainly see myself at my ideal weight.
  17. I adore the taste of healthy food.
  18. I enjoy exercising, it makes me feel very good.
  19. I accept myself for who I am.
  20. I have hope and certainty about the future.
  21. I am grateful for the body I own and all it does for me.
  22. Today I choose healing and nourishing my body.
  23. I am aligned with my higher self.
  24. I’m an athlete, capable of incredible discipline.
  25. I can easily reach and maintain my ideal weight.
  26. I love and care for my body.
  27. I deserve to have a lean, healthy, and attractive body.
  28. My journey is unique and I do not compare myself to other people who are also losing weight.
  29. I drink an abundance of water as it stokes my metabolism and mood.
  30. My food choices are consistent with my desire to be my optimal weight.

You may also want to get more positive health affirmations as well as tips on working with your weight, for this case, go through my next article!

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