Repeating positive affirmations can change your life. Encourage yourself with statements like “I’m healthy. I am successful. I’m rich. ”, … can dispel all the fears. If you’ve been practicing with positive affirmations to reprogram your subconscious, you’ve probably realized that it’s hard to keep up the habit of doing this every day. You can set aside 5 or 10 minutes a day for positive affirmations. But for the rest of the time, will negative thoughts fill your mind again?

The problem with some people using positive affirmations is that they don’t fully put their emotions and beliefs in words. Actions only happen on the conscious level, while the subconscious does not receive any message.

We all know that if we are immersed in negative thoughts, success and happiness cannot come. However, denying financial insecurity, bad health, or incapabilities with positive affirmations will only be temporary measures.

Positive thinking doesn’t work really well for people who are often anxious and depressed. Studies show that repeating positive affirmations can be helpful for people who already have self-esteem and beliefs in life. On the contrary, if you lack confidence, this is completely useless.

When positive affirmations don’t really work, what else can we do to reprogram your subconscious mind and make you successful in life?

Face negative thoughts

Try listing out what is upsetting you. Then, for each issue, make an affirmation to help yourself feel better. For example, if you’re running out of money, deal with that worry. Tell yourself: “It’s okay. I can borrow from a friend. I will spend more economically. I will repay the debt at the end of the month and can live comfortably. ”

Instead of clichéd self-motivating statements, try turning your energy into planning things to do, and brainstorming problem-solving ideas, little by little.

ways to reprogram your subconscious
Ways to reprogram your subconscious

Ask yourself questions

In fact, asking yourself is more effective at creating changes than dictating yourself what to do. Making questions is also a way of exploring your abilities.

Also, take the hardship in your financial situation as an instance, you can make questions such as:
– Am I willing to spend further 2 hours a day working overtime?
– Should I try searching for a part-time job online?
– What do I need to do to prepare for this new job?
– What should I do if I can’t get the job?
– Is there another option? …

Questions like these will make our mind more focused and creative. Instead of worry and sadness, we will be preoccupied with curiosity. That’s how you can say goodbye to negative thoughts.

Ask questions to reprogram your subconscious
Ask questions to reprogram your subconscious

Don’t try to be a perfectionist, but focus on the process

Using statements like “I’m successful and I’m happy.” … when you don’t have enough faith can backfire. Consider who you want to be, and focus on the path you have to take to get there.

Tell yourself less stressful statements such as “I’m becoming successful. I am finishing work gradually. Everything is fine. ” This statement tells you what to do to follow your dreams. They are practical and feasible.

If you are haunted by negative thoughts and positive affirmations that aren’t working for you, try the methods above. Big changes in your perception and thinking will take place, making your job more productive and successful. Use our RESUMIND app to assist you to accomplish your goals.

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