For the conception, confirmation bias is a kind of cognitive bias that affect on how we process and recall information, then entire making decision process. Bias impact on our personal beliefs and behaviors.

What is confirmation bias?

This bias affects everyone in many ways, in any kind or scale, from their opinions to choose to swallow the news. Some people caught up this type while they live. If there was a pre-existing notion in their head about certain idea, they might seem to ignore them eyewitnesses. If you believe your sons are so annoying, you may act with them firmly and strictly. It was just because you believe, not the signals that all the evidences show that they are getting better marks, or learn to help your family.

How confirmation bias works

How to reduce confirmation bias

Biases drive all human decision- making, so it’s important to be aware of how these prejudices notions can impact our behaviors and choices. Right here is a few tips on how to reduce confirmation bias:

Remember, you can be wrong

If you really want to get closer to objective truths, you have to be avle to admit you were wrong, especially in come up new data. If you can’t admit defeat, it makes you inable to discover this world.

Test your hypothesis

We’ve typically more aware of our assumptions than of our biases. But like biases, assumptions often keep us from thinking clearly. Before Einstein came up with his principles theory of relativity, the common assumption was dominant. People think the universe was static, neither expanding nor contracting. Einstein’s equations allowed for a dynamic universe, however, it was rejected outright. Later on, Edwin Hubble would show that universe is expanding. It’s risky to presume that your assumptions are all correct. Always to test hypotheses. You can do this be searching out disconfirming evidence of your theories, and forming factually-supported arguements with new evidence that can further prove your point.

Beware of repetition

Political and religious tenets often get repeated – for emphasis, for intensity, for effect. This tactic is litterally a form of brainwashing whre you begin to think that something is true simple because you’ve heard it every single day. It is one of many weakness in the human sensory system. It’s also how dictatorships and cults operate. Listen for repetition and be especially skeptical of what authentication people tell you again and again.

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