Everyone is familiar with the term “hypnosis”. Not only is it oral in real life, but it also appears in many movies, comics, and magic shows. However, there are 3 things hypnosis cannot do.

One of the 3 things hypnosis can not do is hypnotizing robot.

Hypnosis can do everything for humans. But can we hypnotize robot or not?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is no longer a science fiction because for many years, the participation of AI in the fields of medicine, education, and services is no longer a new thing. We have seen yesterday’s theoretical algorithms become today’s practical application.

3 things hypnosis cannot do: We cannot hypnotize the robot as we do with human.
We cannot hypnotize the robot as we do with human.

Robot today is quite intelligent but it can not have the autonomy. They still need human command to complete their tasks. Robot actually has no ability to think for itself. It has no memories and no motivation. It can only act according to the thing people programmes for it.

There is an interesting question. In case AI reaches the level of human thinking, can they be hypnotized and deceived by hackers like ourselves? And if a hacker attacked it, would it be a disaster?

However, some researchers still believe that there are methods that we can apply to create a more “natural” form of artificial intelligence. One of the most common ways is to create an artificial neural network that mimics human brain activity. If that happens, can we ensure that those AI robots will not be “hypnotized” as easily as we humans.

In reality, no hypnotist is successful in hypnotizing the robots.

2. Hypnosis cannot cure serious diseases such as cancer or AIDS.

Cancer and AIDS are two diseases which there is no cure in the world today. Every year, it kills millions of people around the world. When applying hypnosis to cure these diseases, in fact, it only helps to relieve the pain that the patient has to endure but it cannot cure these diseases. However, it still has an important contribution in helping the patients have more comfortable experience before they die.

hypnosis cannot do help people recover from cancer
Hypnosis cannot help people recover from cancer.

3. The last thing among the 3 things hypnosis cannot do is changing the appearance of people.

A person’s appearance can only be changed after an accident, serious injury or plastic surgery. Hypnosis only affects the brain, controlling the thoughts and actions of the person being hypnotized, but it cannot change the human appearance. Hypnosis cannot work to heal the wound, either. It can only relieve pain, reduce stress to help the wound be healed more quickly.

Hypnosis has no use in changing the appearance.

If a person want to change their appearance to look more beautiful, or not want other people recognized them, they can make up or ungergo a plastic surgery. They shouldn’t believe in the trick that hypnosis can change their appearance.

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4 thoughts on “3 things hypnosis cannot do no matter how talented the hypnotist is.

  1. David Cox says:

    Hypnosis can do many things. It is a belief system modifier. It can make you a better artist. You may speak a different language. You can eliminate pain. Give you super human x-ray vision. Temporarily change your eye color. You can get answers to any imaginable question

  2. Shannon Ruther-Prescott says:

    I am an RTT practitioner (hypnotherapist). I just wanted to say that I have cured people of disease as well as corrected a lazy eye and psoriasis using RTT so I use a cell command approach. I beg to differ with what your saying in this article. The mind controls all things that also being disease. Look up Reasons for Illness by Louise Hay.

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