The subconscious fears are always in our brains. They only wait until we face a difficult situation, they will explode. In addition to controlling the effects of beliefs on our lives, here are 3 strategies to help you eliminate your subconscious fears.

Test your own subconscious fears

To better understand subconscious fears and know what’s behind your subconscious fear as well, let’s begin with an interesting test.

What did you see first? What you see first in this picture reveals your subconscious fear. Now, remember your answer, and scroll down for an analysis of your choice!

Analysis of your subconscious fears

If you see KNIFE first: Subconscious fears are incurable diseases. You are afraid that you may have a terminal illness and do not know it. You fear suffering and worry that you might die at any moment.

If you see CATERPILLAR first: Your subconscious fears are ghosts, also known as a phobia. Maybe you fear that evil ghosts or spirits will appear and haunt you at your weakest moments, such as when you are confused or when you prepare to fall asleep.

If you see BUTTERFLY first: Your fears in the subconscious mind are a betrayal. Perhaps others have hurt or surpassed you too many times. Maybe you’ve faced some serious rejection, whether it’s your job or dream. However, you do well in concealing this weakness.

If you see APPLE first: Your subconscious fears are death. Not only your own but also your loved ones. Perhaps you have lost someone who loved you. With that hurt blow to your subconscious mind, you naturally can’t bear the thought of losing someone else.

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How to eliminate your subconscious fears

Here are 3 strategies to help you fix your fears in the subconscious mind:

1. Everything is neutral

This is one of the first strategies I use before I start thinking or doing something. In the past, I always tried to control my behaviors, emotions, and thoughts so as not to express my fear. However, this makes me feel pressured and tired sometimes.

Then, I found a strategy on reputable psychology websites and started to apply it. I started to tell myself that everything is neutral. That means I began a dialogue between me and my soul. I struggled to advise myself and try to answer my subconscious questions. What are my fears? Why would I react like that? What do I need but can’t get it?

In fact, everything is neutral because people interpret what’s going on in their lives from each point of view of their beliefs. One person may explain a situation positively, while another can explain a similar situation negatively. It all depends on your beliefs. So, look at life from many different aspects to feel more comfortable in all situations. Moreover, you will also reduce your fears.

2. Everything has opportunities

Problems weigh on you and drain your energy. They want you to go into a state of fear. Seen from the third dimension of consciousness, a problem is a situation that you are afraid you will not be able to deal with it. This causes you anxiety and often leads to stress. Besides, from the fourth dimension of consciousness, a problem is your chance to accept the challenge of overcoming your fear. As a result, you come closer to your own soul.

Your mind needs you to become less fearful, not necessarily fearless. It means you have to take unnecessary risks. If you want to get closer to your soul, you must remove subconscious fears from your life as much as possible because they can separate you from your soul.

3. Everything has a meaning

There is no more true statement than everything has a meaning. Although we cannot consider the fourth dimension of consciousness, we can still trust our hearts – to believe that whatever is happening has meaning.

When you prepare to accept that everything has meaning, but you may not know what it means, you can make meaning or learn to live in confidence and uncertainty. When you believe that whatever is happening will lead to a positive outcome, you will get rid of your subconscious fears. Nothing in this world is perfect, but everything has its own meaning.

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