A good child cannot be separated from a good mother. From being born to adulthood, the mother stays with the children the longest and has the greatest effect on the children. Therefore, the mother action will subconsciously spoil the children’s behaviour and future.

1. The lazy mother will subconsciously spoil her children’s future.

I often meet many mothers who are extremely serious and want to change their children. However, their relationship is worse. The child disobeys and even rebels.

A lazy mother will subconsciously spoil her children.
A lazy mother will subconsciously spoil her children.

To improve family education, mothers do not necessarily have to change their children. Actually, they have to start with themselves. If parents do not set an example, how can the child imitate. A mother surfs her phone every day, making the children think that her cellphone is full of interesting and attractive things.

2. A dominated mother will subconsciously spoil her children’s future .

The mothers often repeats, “I am doing the best for you”, but the implication is “You must listen to me”.

They do not give their children any choice. If these actions continue, their children will get used to relying on others. In the end, they will only develop cowardice and gradually lose the ability to live independently.

A dominated mother is the main cause of the children’s failure in the future.

Consequently, mothers should “hide talent” reasonably. Sometimes they should to be weak. It will encourage their children to develop freely. Only then can they feel their own power. There are many situations where mothers can pretend to be weak in front of their sons. For example, when they go to the supermarket, they can ask their children to carry things. When they are ill, they can get their children to take them some medicine.

3. A mother who has unstable feeling can suconsciously spoil her children’s future.

The early years of a child’s life are an extremely important period for parents and children to establish bonding. This bonding is related to a sense of security in the child’s mind. If the mother often threatens, or complains about the child, the sense of security inside him will be ruined. Children will form a habit of observing others to travel, gradually forming shyness and self-esteem.

In addition, the child will imitate the mother’s feelings and behaviors. If the mother feels anxious or restless, the child’s feelings will not be very stable. It is said that mother’s feelings determine the family’s “temperature”.

An unstable feeling mother can suconsciously spoil her children’s future.

Most kids love to watch Peppa Pig (British pre-primary cartoon series). It’s not only because of the loveliness of Peppa and George, but also by the warmth and optimism of the pig mother and the harmony, happiness of the Peppa family. No matter how naughty Peppa and her sister are, the mother pig is always like a spring wind, never fierce. It helps to bond the children together constantly . A mother with good feelings is the foundation of a happy family.

If the child makes a mistake, the mother should not immediately criticize, but patiently ask the child the cause of the mistake. Then she should help the child find his or her shortcomings. By doing that, she can train the child the good habits of correcting the mistake. Children raised in this way will have a better future.

Some mothers are more angry after their children make mistakes. They criticize them indiscriminately. The child not only does not recognize his mistake but is also more afraid of his mother. Therefore, the next time he makes a mistake, the first thing he thinks about is how to avoid responsibility. Such children will lack responsibility when they grow up.

In conclusion, if a mother wants her children to be successful in the future, she herself must set a good example and has a stable feeling. She must have good way to educate her children.

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