Demotivation is our eternal disease. Its symptoms are depression, having no goals to work or to get promotion in life. You may feel stress if this is more severe. Instead of asking the question “What is my motivation?”, let’s find the cause and the solution.

Lack of motivation is our eternal disease.

1. The first reason which causes demotivation is that you lack an adequate excuse.

The most obvious sign is that you set yourself too many goals, such as learning English, waking up early, exercising, earning a lot of money. And you simply think that these things are good for you to do. But then, you will quickly get bored and give up. The disease of laziness will defeat all of its targets .The best way to cure this disease is to set yourself a goal and accomplish it within a certain time and the results should be valuable for yourself.

2. Setting a goal which is beyond the ability is also a reason which causes demotivation.

You set a very “epic” goal which is beyond your ability.

Don’t set a goal which is beyond your ability.

For example, you set a goal of spending 3 hours a day learning English when you do not have that much time. And you think that it will be ok if you just start doing it. But then you only get the first day, two or more than a week, and then you give up again. So instead of setting a goal too big to study 3 hours a day, why don’t you study 1 hour a day and get it done within a month. Breaking down your goals will make you feel less pressured and determined. Once you make your goal a habit, it will be easier to maintain it.

3. The third reason for the demotivation in our lives is that we feel exhausted.

Have you ever felt that your body is so tired that you don’t have the energy left to do anything? Certainly yes. Sometimes, when we encounter the difficult situation, we feel tired both physically and mentally. And what we can do at that time is to rethink why we were born in this world, what we are living for, and if tomorrow is the last day we live, we will feel a lot of regret for the things. Another important thing is that you need to take care of your health, get enough sleep, live in moderation and set aside at least 15 minutes to exercise every day. The physical and mental health always go together. A healthy body produces a healthy spirit, and a healthy spirit produces a healthy body.

Feeling exhausted often causes demotivation in our life.
Feeling exhausted often causes demotivation in our life.

In conclusion, I hope that through this article, you can know the reason why we encounter the demotivation in our lives. Therefore, we can avoid it to increase our living standard.

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