Our brain is easily deceived by the phenomena called “optical illusion”. And here are 3 hypnosis pictures that can cheat your eyes.

1. Are these hypnosis pictures animation or still images?

Look at it carefully! They are still images, not moving at all.

They are totally still images, not moving at all.

The still images appear to be moving due to the contrasting color and position of the drawings. When we look at the image above, we will feel like the motifs are spinning. This is an optical illusion that makes the still image appear to be moving. This effect is caused by the contrasting color and position of the drawings.

The scientists are still investigating how the eye and brain interact to cause the visual illusion of motion. They hypothesized that the white color makes the retina light-sensing cells “on”, while the black color makes them “off”. When white or black colors stand close together in the picture, we see them flicker, making our brain mistakenly think the pattern is moving.

In addition, the combination of distinct colors with high contrast results in more intense visual illusions. For example, we can combine black with white, blue with yellow.

2. How many grey dots can you see in the hypnosis pictures below?

Hypnosis picture with the grey dots.
Hypnosis picture with the grey dots.

Can you count how many fuzzy gray dots at these intersections? You can not know that, because what you see is not real. The gray dots in the middle of the white bar is just the illusion. This image was discovered by Ludimar Hermann in 1870. When you look at the intersections of white bars, you will see gray dots, right! But if you look directly at the intersections, they disappear.

3. Which orange dot is bigger in the following picture? You can easily be cheated by the following hypnosis pictures.

Actually, the two orange dots here have the same size.

Seeing at the first time, we will feel that the orange dot which is surrounded by the small gray dots are bigger. Actually, they have the same size. It’s just the result of our illusion.

It’s the same as us in our real life. When the people around us are more competent, highly qualified and more successful than us, we will feel inferior. On the contrary, when we are with people who are smaller and weaker than us, we will find ourselves much bigger and better.

Therefore, sometime it’s difficult to be sure if something we see is real or not. The illustion is always around us.

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