The subconscious mind is an abstract concept that many people may not fully understand. Some people are still confused about subconsciousness and consciousness. So, this post will give you the best subconscious examples. It helps you know more about the subconscious as well as distinguish the subconscious from other concepts.

What does the subconscious mind mean? It defines all automatic reactions and actions we can become aware of if we think about them. In general, the subconscious mind stores all information, experiences, and memories since birth.

The subconscious mind cannot tell the differences between what is real or imagined while the unconscious mind can. Consciousness is the emotional mind. It has to accept what you give it. Here are the 3 best subconscious examples following 3 sides of the human brain. Have you known yet?

Subconscious examples of action

The best subconscious example of action is while entering your password. I actually experienced this in my life when I changed my password. I tried to open it while making a call and accidentally entered the old password.

The reason for it is my mind focused on the phone call and my subconscious was on passwords. My subconscious memorized the old password by entering it many times. So, the new password was forgotten when the brain was focusing on something else. It means that I need to repeat the new password over and over again to replace the old password in my subconscious.

Examples of habit

For example, let’s talk about our ability to drive a car. Once we get the skills of driving a car, we will stop thinking about which gears to use, which pedals to press, or which mirror to look at. But we still can be aware of what was done when we think about it.

Or another subconscious example is learning new words. I’m studying the German language. To learn by heart new words, I stuck them on related objects. For example, I stuck the word “fridge” on the refrigerator. When working and walking every day in my house, my brain can see them easily and take them into the subconscious. Thanks to daily repetition, my subconscious can memorize them.

Examples of attitude

The subconscious example of the human attitude is naturally emotional outbursts. We can see them very clearly in children from 6 years old to under. This is the age that awareness has not fully developed. So, they cannot control their subconscious yet. They are very easy to show attitudes, include bad attitudes.

For example, they get angry when they can’t get what they want or happy when they receive candies. If you don’t learn how to control your attitudes and emotions when you grow up gradually, the subconscious will suddenly allow it to be revealed outward.

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