What should women do to make themselves always happy? This is a question that each person will have their own answer. But as a smart woman, you should make sure that you do not lack the following 3 affirmations for women. Only when you have them can you be independent, confident and strong in all challenges of your life.

1. The first thing among the 3 affirmations for women is that we should always earn and keep money for ourselves.

In human life, especially modern women, we must not let ourselves be short of money. You may have a lower starting line than others, but do not have a low self-esteem or be satisfied with what you have. A smart woman always strives to enrich herself and her loved ones.

Do not underestimate money and think it is not worthy of your self-esteem. In this world, except for health, there is nothing that money cannot dominate. So instead of letting money dominate your life, why not dominate your money. Making money doesn’t make you a pragmatic woman, a merchant or a geek. If you know how to control your money like how you make them, you will make your life and the people around you happier and more comfortable.

The first thing among the 3 affirmations for women is that we should always earn and keep money for ourselves.

When earning money, do not be miserly to yourself. Enjoy the money you earn. Make your life lighter and richer from your own energy. When you have economic autonomy, whether in your home or in society, you are always a more vocal person.

2. The second thing among the three affirmations for women is that the smart women always have their temperament.

It doesn’t matter whether you are beautiful or not. It’s important to have temperament. The temperament determines a lot on other people’s impressions of you. So where is the temperament manifested from? Temperament is something that is built up in thoughts and perceptions. It is expressed through the eyes, smiles, style and actions of each person.

Women should have temperament.

A woman with a temperament will easily get the sympathy and admiration of anyone who comes into contact with her. Not only makes her more and more attractive, but sometimes it also saves her from the “mouth-to-mouth” threats.

3. A smart women must always love herself.

An intelligent woman must know what she can rely on. She can love with all her heart but will never rely entirely on men no matter how sweet they are in honey. Because for her, herself is the first priority to be loved.

Smart women are willing to invest money in cosmetics, perfumes, beautiful clothes to beautify themselves. They are willing to spend money on travelling to open their eyes. Then, what emanates from themselves is the beauty of bliss and freedom that any man will fall in love with.

Women should have temperament.

And when they love themselves, no one will be able to hurt them. Because for them, the sadness and sorrow are something to give up, not to embrace.

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